Share Bonus


The Global Share Bonus is a bonus that is open to only Platinum and VIP.

From every sale made by the company from Bronze to VIP, and for ALL GMX Packs. 2% of Team Bonus rewards is set aside into a pool.

This pool is shared only by Platinums and VIPs. Platinums get 1 share in this pool while VIPs get 2 shares in this pool.

Unlike Binary rewards that are shared by all distributors who are within 20 levels deep of the sale, Global Share Pools are shared only by Platinum and VIPs.

All you need to continue to earn monthly from this pool is to keep active. This can be accomplished by buying monthly GMX for your consumption.

Every pool will start small as the sales start to trickle in, and grow BIG over time. This Pool would grow from hundreds into millions.