Personal Bonus

The Personal Bonus is where Green Monday is unrivaled. The true income potentials are nerve racking. By building a steady team with the power of 4, even with the smallest pack, your earning potentials are in Billions. Every other bonus is a plus, this is where the magic starts.

This reward utilises a Unilevel system with unlimited width through 12 levels.

Rewards are paid out up to 12 levels based on the pack type you purchased.

Levels 1-7 = 100% payout  |   Levels 8-12 = 10% payout

Levels 1-8 = 100% payout   |   Levels 9-12 = 15% payout

Levels 1-10 = 100% payout   |   Levels 11-12 = 25% payout

Levels 1-12 = 100% payout   +   1% Global Share (Monthly)

Levels 1-12 = 100% payout   +   2% Global Share (Monthly)

To maintain your earning levels you must be active before month end, which means you must have made a monthly purchase of one of the GMX Packs or still have activation left based on the pack you purchased/upgraded to. New Member and/or upgrade purchases will maintain your activation for that month and the following month after your purchase.

Please note: If you are inactive by end of month, you will ONLY earn on 3 levels for that particular month.

There is also a 10% matching bonus on your directly sponsored members.

We also offer MONTHLY "GMX Packs" for existing members which comes with PV and Rewards.

GMX is code name for Green Monday eXtra. These are opportunities for monthly purchases that give you access to extra. While GMX is not compulsory, it's key to monthly residual income. You want to ensure that your active team members all participate in this.