Leadership Bonus

At Green Monday, the most important activities to build your team are sponsorship and training. What you really want to do is build depth, the bigger your team, the larger the volume of product that your team moves, the more volume (PV) is moved, the more you earn.

As you sponsor and train, that combo unique activity is building your matrix, your unilevel and your binary plans. Not only are you earning directly from these, but this effort is also being scored towards your Leadership Bonus. You score points from simply building your team, from your binary depth as well as your unilevel depth.

Based on your Team Building during a promotional period, you get the opportunity to win a variety of fantastic gifts.

As you build your team, you will see your points will be increasing, everyone added into your unilevel team within 12 levels deep adds points to you, everyone added to your binary team within 20 levels deep adds points to you.